"WHY! WHY!! WHY!!!! WHY!!!!!"


katsnktvegef replied to your post: all these years of flying because of m…

lol @ u, you can carry reg sized stuff in ur lugg just not ur carry on yeh

i only fly with carryon bc i had an unfortunate incident with a flight getting cancelled due to weather and my shit going to utah without me and ever since i’ve been like lolnope (also it’s. a pain in the ass.)

but even regular deodorant is under the size requirement for carryon and i. don’t know why i never checked that before. i’ve been flying regularly for the past like…. five years. or something.

gg doin ur research

nah jk, flying is a total bitch, its hella complicated and shit. have fun tho, u two ;3 dont do anyfin i wouldnt do


The hatred and anger in Roy’s eyes.